RECIPE : Raw Chocolate, Chia & Raspberry Cake

There is something incredibly satisfying about biting into a delicious dessert and knowing that it’s actually doing you some good. The explosion of flavours somehow tastes a whole lot more pleasurable. Hold up… a dessert that is actually good for you?  Welcome, my friends, to the world of healthy desserts. I was first introduced to […] Read more…

Nurturing YOU : Mindful eating

Something to eat :: Quinoa Nori Rolls

I LOVE Japanese food.  Particularly sashimi and nori.   I’ve been eating raw fish since I was quite little.  I remember when I was younger, Mum bought a big fillet of sushi grade tuna and we sat there watching a movie and eating raw tuna together.  I also often used to have packets of nori in […] Read more…

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