The following video is something I filmed a few weeks ago when I was staying up in Burleigh Heads (I can totally hear the relaxation in my voice!).

But it’s only now that it feels right to post it.  And with the Taurus New Moon just hours away, it feels even more poignant.

The theme of this Lunar Cycle is all about nurturing yourself.  And I feel like to do that, we need to fully love + accept ourselves.

What better way to love yourself, than to really, truly be who you are.  In every moment, in every situation + with every person.

Are you holding back on being who you really are?  Are you hiding behind masks for fear of judgment?  Are you ready to embrace your authentic power, get vulnerable and just be yourself?

Press play below as I dive into this a little further…

As I mentioned in the video, years ago, I used to show up differently with different people all the time.  In some situations, I found that I needed to be reserved and quiet in order to fit in.  Sometimes, I felt the need to really push and be almost over the top – simply because I thought that’s what people wanted of me.

People pleasing is exhausting.

What about you?  Are you ready to show everyone around you, who you really are?  Are you ready to show up authentically, gracefully + honestly, as exactly who you are?

I would love to hear from you in the comments below – have you found yourself hiding behind different masks with different groups of friends?  Or are you ready to really stand into your authentic power, and love + accept the totality of who you are?

The choice is yours, beautiful.  And it always will be yours.

Have courage, dig deep + be who you are.

With love + gratitude,
Amelia xx

Ps.  We dive a whole lot further into the topic of authenticity in my workshop.  It is only 6 days away, and there are just 5 tickets left.  I would so love to see you there.

Photograph by MB Captured.

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  1. This is beautiful Amelia. I just wanted to hug you at the end. I’m sure I will in person sometime. Very natural, genuine and gorgeous reminder for us all. And I love the birds chirping in the background with you too! x Katie

    Posted on May 18, 2015 at 2:24 pm