I am a big fan of the #blessed hashtag.  It’s funny, it’s love-filled, it’s completely overused (which makes me laugh) and done right, is totally appropriate.

I was watching a movie with my family recently (Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day), and the teenage boy was describing how many good things are going on in his life.  “I mean #blessed, you know”, he said.
Well that brought on a big old LOL for me.

If we can’t make fun of the things we overuse, when can we?  Sure, it’s mainstream, but whatevs.  I love it.

My point?  I want to acknowledge the #blessed things in my life in an ongoing series of posts.

#blessed is my gratitude diary.

So here is a taste of what’s rocking my world right now….


Since my “come back” post, I’ve felt a huge sense of contentment.  By coming back to what felt authentic to me, I’ve been able to take a big long exhale.  This blogging/writing caper didn’t need to be overthought, and for me right now – it doesn’t need to be perfect.
I just had to come back to my very own why.  I write because it brings me joy.  I write because it gives me clarity.  I write because I love to share.



Over the past two weeks, I’ve been gifted some much needed Amelia-time.  I didn’t realise I needed it until I was in it.  By golly gosh I needed it.  Time in solitude, time to reflect, time to create, time to be.  After our completely fabulous/busy/brilliant trip to the UK (more on that to come), this time has been the perfect medicine.  I feel like myself again. Yespleasethankyouverymuch.

ps. Acai Bowls + Almond Mylk Chai Latte’s are pretty much soul food for me.



It’s funny how we neglect those little things that make us whole, and then wonder why we feel so damn good when we bring them back into our lives.  Yoga has been that for me.  When I practice regularly, I feel light, expansive + clear.
And while the last 6 months have had me feeling strong + happy thanks to some more “active” workouts – nothing gives me that soft, delicious, peaceful buzz that I get from yoga.  More tree pose + savasana please.


Yep, you read that right.  I am #blessed that I’m getting older.  The older I get, the happier I am.  Sure, I have far too many grey hairs – which is why I have dyed my hair blonde again (true strory).  But each day brings with it far more clarity, less BS and a lot more comfort in who I am.  And while I definitely don’t want to rush away the hours or days, I feel so content with where I am right now, the lessons I’ve learnt, and how I’ve risen above them.
Oh the wisdom that comes with age. 😉


I would love to know… What is filling up your bucket right now?  What do you think of the #blessed hashtag?  Am I the only one who thinks getting older is awesome?!

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Inspired by words, kindness, Mother Nature, humanness, family and love.
Writing. Sharing. Creating. Living.
I believe it’s our birthright to live a life without limitations or labels, and that we can achieve the confidence and spaciousness we crave, when we are guided back home to the person we have always been.

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One thought on “#BLESSED

  1. Amelia I definitely agree with getting older! The older I get the more confident, sure of myself, content and happy I become and I love it! Funny that you talk about the overuse of words, I wrote a post last week about a few that make my eyes roll lol

    Posted on March 10, 2016 at 7:21 am