Sometimes it takes a jolt to open your eyes.  It could be gentle or strong.  It may stop you in your tracks, or require you to slow way down.

Whatever the shake up, there is often a reminder of what has been missing.  What is it that can make life infinitely sweeter?  What can build on your relationship with yourself?  What is that missing piece of your puzzle?  Is it time to connect back to yourself?

For me, over the past week – the answer was clear.

Grab a cuppa, and let’s chat…

Are you ready to start?  Like… now?

It’s ok to lose yourself a little.  It’s ok to repeat a lesson once learned.  And it’s more than ok to stray off the path sometimes.

It’s not about how far we stray, or how lost we get.  The important thing is that we find our way home.

Beautiful, what can you be doing today to bring you back to yourself?

Love + Light,
Amelia xx

Author: Amelia

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