Are you curious about how Essential Oils can support your health, heart and home?
Do you feel run down and are tired of “pushing through”?
Are you wanting to get ahead of the sniffles/colds ahead of Autumn/Winter?
Are you open to natural solutions for physical and emotional health but just don’t know where to start?
Do you want to live your best life?

This workshop is for YOU!

I would love to invite you to experience the powerful plant magic that essential oils are. Pure essential oils are a fantastic way to elevate your self-care and promote a true sense of well-being.

Join me for some time to connect, unwind, and practice self-care whilst experiencing the beauty of essential oils first hand.

We’ll start with a lovely grounding meditation, and nibble on essential oil infused treats, and I will share with you why Essential Oils are so much more than something that just smells nice!

You will learn:

+ What essential oils are, how to use them and what you can use them for

+ How to use essential oils for physical, emotional, environmental and spiritual support (how Frankincese oil can calm inflammation, how Peppermint oil can aid digestion, how Lemon can cleanse both our home + insides… and that’s just the beginning!)

+ The top 10 essential oils that every household needs

+ Why doTERRA is the only brand of essential oils to bring into your home

+ How you can create a better world by intergrating them into your life

+ How to safely use essential oils to:

  • Enhance your emotional wellbeing
  • Support your physical health
  • Promote deep and restful sleep (calm kids + happy Mama = Blissful Home!)
  • Elevate your self-care and spiritual practices
  • Support digestive health
  • Enhance immunity
  • Lower the toxicity in your home
  • Make natural skincare and cleaning products
  • Make your own beautiful pure-fumes!
  • Plus lots more!

doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils represent the safest & purest essential oils available today and you will get to experience them in a relaxed calm environment.

Feel free to bring along a friend but please make sure you book through this link so we can make enough treats for everyone. 🙂

Come along to discover how essential oils can support you in leading a natural and holistic life.

There will be snacks and tea provided.

I can’t wait to meet you.

Amelia xx

Various Dates in April available – Mornington Peninsula



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