2017.  My word?  CONNECTION.

Connection most definitely weaved it’s way into my year.

But somehow, when I look back at the past year – I struggle to think about what actually happened.  Is it really the end of another year already?  The entire year feels like it went by in one big whoosh.  Time most definitely did not slow down.

The year that was 2017.

Closing off the year is just as important to me as beginning a new one.  Time to reflect, time to sit with the lessons, smile about the memories, draw a line in the sand and then plan for the future.

A new year.  Always a beautiful thing.

But first, back back to 2017…

2016 – Caterpillar
2017 – Cocoon
2018 – Butterfly

Perhaps you’ve seen this online a lot?  I really feel it.  As much as 2016 was uncomfortable and challenging, 2017 was also filled with change, lessons + a desire to be quite introverted.

The first few months of the year saw the dust settle on the drama and chaos of 2016.  I really, really let go of everything that had felt misaligned with who I truly was, and where I wanted to be.  It felt good to let go.  Lighter.

By mid year, it was time to dive deep within.  To heal (the new and the old).  I felt a taste for what life could be like if I truly lived in alignment with my highest self.

The last part of the year was all about change.  A new home, a new village to immerse ourselves in, and the new change + new beginnings of the future year getting louder and louder.

If I’m honest, I spent a lot of this year wishing time would slow down.  Because I knew that 2018 would signal big, exciting (but also a little scary!) new beginnings.

This was the year I needed to slow down.  To sit.  To just be.  The space in between what was and what will be.

The unknown can be pretty uncomfortable (especially for a Capricorn like me!), but it was the slower pace I needed before what is to come.

As for Connection…  This year I fully understood the type of connection I need, crave and deserve.  Both with myself, with others, with my desires and with the Universe.  Connection was incredibly befitting for 2017.

We had plenty of adventures too.  Sydney, the city, nature escapes, farm visits, and plenty of trips to see our beloved Bombers (my love of footy grew substantially (and surprisingly!) this year!).  We caught up with friends, visited some beautiful wineries, ate a lot of incredible food and explored the beauty of the Mornington Peninsula (#lovewhereilive).

We saw new babies born, pregnancies announced and relationships growing with engagements and big anniversaries.  #loveisallaround

I found joy in collaborative business, in sitting in circle, in sweaty boxing classes, in family adventures, in cementing some really beautiful friendships (yay for #soulsisters!), in the delight of new friendships, and in chipping away on a business that is built around love, connection and Mama Earth.

I held space for other goddesses for the first time (more of this please 2018!), I spread the message of the earth with Essential Oils + felt LIT AF whenever I gathered with other women and the only thing on the agenda was love, authenticity and laughter.  Cannot wait to sink my teeth into more of all of it in 2018!

I felt immense pride this year too.  I witnessed those I love rise up in their own unique magnificence – and it was a joy to behold.  I saw my children grow, learn and step outside of their comfort zones, and watched in awe as my husband continued to selflessly work hard for our family (and impress the pants off his bosses in the process!).

I felt #proudmama more than ever before, and honestly still pinch myself that I get to walk through life with these three gorgeous beings.

The lessons?  Because there’s always going to big lessons…

  •  I learnt that it’s ok to let go, with love.  There doesn’t need to be drama, or a big hoo-ha.  We can let go with the highest of high intentions.  Sometimes relationships/situations run their course – and that’s more than ok.
  •  I discovered what to, and what not to, give f*cks about.
  •  I fully anchored into my own values, and found a deeper connection to them.
  •  I healed some deep sisterhood wounds within me.  And discovered (with so much joy) what sisterhood (and female friendships) should be like (all of the time, not just some of the time).
  •  The further I go into my 30s (officially entering mid-30s in just under 2 weeks!) – the less baggage I bring with me, and deeper I love myself, and the less BS I worry about.  Sweet liberation!
  •  I was shown which outdated stories are holding me back, and why I need to let them go once and for all.
  •  I really tuned into my own inner critic, and with the awareness of it was able to let go of some big, heavy ways of speaking to myself.
  •  I felt exactly what it’s like to get a big old nod from the universe that you’re on the right path (and what it feels like when you’re not).
  •  I discovered exactly what lights me up and what I thrive on.
  •  I found peace with the fact that my little man begins school next year (and our family embarks on a whole new chapter together).
  •  I embraced change and in turn felt more at home than ever before.
  •  And my three best medicines – exercise, laughter and music. Always.

The lessons will continue.  We never stop learning.  But that’s all part of the fun isn’t it?  And truthfully, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

And now for the year ahead… my word is ALIGN.  Align myself to my vision, my values, my truth, and to vibrating at my highest frequency.

My core desired feelings?  LOVE, STRENGTH, OPEN + PLAY.

2017 has shown me how imbalanced I am in my feminine and my masculine.  I can be very in my masculine at home and in my job (all the doing) – but far too in my feminine when it comes to my own business, life goals + epic dreams (all the dreaming and not much of the action).  There needs to be a little more yin to the yang and yang to the yin in all those areas.  Time to allow the the feminine and masculine to dance a little more in harmony together.

A few years ago, the word STRENGTH would have seemed too harsh for me.  Too abrasive.  But for where I am now, it feels perfect.
Strength to me is about commitment, consistency, devotion, action, clarity, and feeling empowered and sovereign.  It has a very Queen like energy to it (and that’s not just because I binge watch the Crown on Netflix!).

LOVE.  Well, it’s my highest value.  It’s about pure authenticity, connection, truth, vibrancy and depth.  Love for it ALL.

OPEN.  This allows me to feel fluid, creative, connected, expressive, intuitive, sensual, expansive and light.  Arms wide, smile big + ready for anything.

And finally, PLAY.  Because this Mama needs to remember to PLAY a whole lot more.  Sometimes I don’t need to have things be perfect at home (another thing I’m letting go of… the need to control!), and instead just need to let go.  Laughter, Joy, Freedom, Dance, Adventure, Fun.  Connecting to my Inner Child.  Bring it on!

So, to 2017 – you were cosy, but that cocoon was uncomfortable at times.  I actually feel a deep sense of peace for what has been.  It wasn’t as challenging as 2016, but it certainly wasn’t a big joy-filled walk in the park either.

As I sit with the energy of 2018, it feels exciting.  Maybe it’s just the promise of a new year, but things feel different.  I feel different.  And as I dance into the New Year, I once again feel a deeper connection to (and wholehearted love of) myself.  I will always be enough (and so will you).  And that in itself is just magic.

May the year ahead bring you love, joy and an abundance of adventure.  Thank you for being you.  Happy 2018!

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