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This is a little something I do each week in my newsletter.  It’s part gratitude list, part my favourite things, part sharing amazing things!  Show and Tell for grown ups?

Anyway I thought it’d be nice to bring the love over onto the website as a regular post.

I want my little Nurture and Shine baby to have a little more structure.  Regular posts.  More love.  More writing.  More.

My baby blog has been a little neglected over the past few months.  But I’m more than ready to now dust her down, inject some love and creativity into her, and NURTURE her, so she can SHINE (see what I did there?!).

So Mondays will be videos, Wednesdays will be either Nurturing Me, Nurturing You interviews, Let’s Share or Recipes, and Friday will be more soul-related.

So with this post, it’s all about sharing.  Sharing news, sharing new music, sharing books, sharing work goals and being grateful.

Ready?  Let’s do this…

This video post by the gorgeous Tara Bliss.  I can relate wholeheartedly.  It is so easy to be stuck behind a computer that we can forget about that face to face connection.  There is nothing like it.  My soul craves it.  Tribe – I’m ready.

My beautiful family – always, coconut water, Danielle LaPorte (is it just me or is Danielle fever running through everyone’s veins right now!?), ugg boots, cleansing rain, “folk” nights with girlfriends, Reiki, injections of creativity, colour, days of adventure, new season of Offspring starting next week (counting down the days people!), reconnecting with old friends, FEELING my way through life.

I took my baby sister’s to a concert last week (5 Seconds of Summer), and Mike Dignam was the support act.  An Englishman (we all know I have a penchant for a Pom!), his guitar and beautiful music.  He’s a little bit Ed Sheeran, a little bit Paul McCartney and a whole lot of awesome.  My favourite song?  Great Escape.  Hello Adventure!
My gorgeous friend and fellow Mum, Emily Ehlers wrote a beautifully honest post on Motherhood.  And the loneliness that sometimes comes with it.  Mama Bears, I know you’re going to relate to this one.  You are not alone.

My e-book!  The idea has been sitting inside me for months now, yet it is only over the past couple of weeks that I’ve really put my foot down and started WRITING.  It feels good.  Flowing.  Organic.  And I have a feeling you’re going to LOVE it.

“I am who I am.  And I am enough.”

Have you got something you’d like to share below?  A favourite book, song, blog post?  Or maybe you share your gratitude list?  I’d love to hear from you, beautiful. 

Love & Light,

Amelia xx

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