Drive home from work.
Listening to podcasts and thinking about how much I’ll get done in the 2.5 hours I have up my sleeve before I have to get the kids.
This is going to be good! I am so inspired! The ideas are flowing.
Home from work.
I’m loving this cooler weather. What’s the temperature going to be for the rest of the week?
*quick search and then a little scroll through Insta*
I’m starving! Lunch! Can’t create on an empty stomach.
And because I don’t like to eat at my desk, I’ll watch the latest episode of Housewives whilst I eat.
Finish eating in about 10 minutes, but I’ll watch the rest of the episode. Obviously.
Ok, TV off.
90 minutes of power! Let’s do this!
I put a load of washing on this morning didn’t I? I should hang that out first.
I’ll make a quick tea to have whilst I work.
Sit down at my desk.
Gosh, it’s messy.
I ought to clean it up first. Messy desk equals messy mind, after all.
I can’t write unless I’m clear headed.
Is that my new Jamie Oliver cookbook at the bottom of this stack of books? I’ve been looking for that! What to have for dinner? Gosh I love Italy. I wonder if there are any Italian cooking classes nearby. Google?
I may as well have a quick look at Instagram whilst I’m on my phone.
**15 minutes of Insta stories later…**
Ok, let’s put the books away.
Actually, that whole shelf needs rearranging.
I can’t possibly work under these conditions.
Hang on, that’s not mine? I’ll take that back to the play room. Get my steps up at the same time.
Bit messy in here too actually, let’s rearrange a few bits and make it nicer for the kids.
Wonder what I could hang on that wall over there?
Kmart will have something.
*quick search*
That’s perfect!
Should I go and grab it quickly now?
No, that can wait. I’ll do that tomorrow.
The floors are looking a bit filthy now I think about it.
I’ll give them a quick vacuum.
Put the vacuum away and I’ll pop another load of washing on whilst I’m in the laundry.
Talk about multi-tasking!
Back to my office.
A little scroll through Pinterest to check for home office decor inspo.
*get lost on the Kmart website again*
Desk space finally clean.
Gosh it looks good! I can create some serious gold here! Let’s do this!
Oooh, need to fill up my diffuser before I can fully begin.
And now to find the perfect playlist to accompany all the creativity.
I’ll just quickly listen to Shallow (again). “I’m off the deep in, watch as I dive in…”
*stare out the window thinking about the tragedy of Jackson Maine*
I need something happier.
I can’t create to this…
What is in my Daily Mix today?
I love this song! Maybe I should create a new work related playlist to really get the creative juices flowing?
Ok, let’s do this!
What’s the time? 2.55pm?
Time to pack up and get the kids.
I’ll write tomorrow.

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