“Nurturing Me, Nurturing You” is a series of interviews with the women who inspire me to inspire you.  

These are the women I draw inspiration from, the women who are out there shining their light on the world and the teachers who empower me (and you) with their words each and every day.  They are all trailblazers in their own way and I am so grateful to have them here at this space.


Earlier this year, I was dealing with some pretty bad bouts of anxiety.  A trip to the naturopath sorted out the nuts and bolts of it, but I knew I needed more.  I knew I could be more.  And then through divine timing (thank you Universe!), I came across Melissa Ambrosini and her e-book 12 Steps to Wellness.  I immediately downloaded this beautiful book, and as my children slept that day I devoured each of the pages.  Each word jumped out at me – I felt like this book was written just for me.  And as I read the final few words, with tears rolling down my cheeks, I took a deep breath and I knew that my life was never going to be the same again.

Mel has been a bit of a wellness angel for me.  Through her inspiring e-book, I found the confidence to go a little deeper.  To take one more step – the step towards becoming me.  I can’t thank Mel enough.  Those words, that book, that woman… It was a pivotal moment in my life.

This radiant beauty is guiding people from all over the world on the path to wellness and she’s doing it with passion, grace, determination and a beaming smile.  She’s changing the way people think about themselves in a very special way.


Melissa Ambrosini2

♥  You are out there inspiring so many people each day, but who or what inspires you?
My friends who are constantly putting themselves out there daily and doing beautiful things in the world inspire me. Their courage and bravery to take risks, leap, and fly encourage me to do the same. I love watching them shine.

♥  What is your dream?
My dream is to inspire people to be their best selves, to let go of negative thoughts, and karate chop their limiting beliefs. I want to keep empowering more and more people to live their best lives.

♥  Is there one significant moment you can pinpoint, where you knew that you wanted to take control of your health and wellbeing? Sure was!
About four years ago, I found myself in hospital. I had adrenal fatigue, thyroid problems, high levels of mercury, serious PMT, depression, loads of mineral deficiencies, an eating disorder, adult acne, panic attacks, anxiety, eczema and a serious case of cold sores all over my face, mouth, and even down my throat. What the hell!

Hit the rewind button and I was travelling the world, living the ‘dream’. In between dancing at the Moulin Rouge and working on TV shows such as Packed to the Rafters and Home and Away, I was partying my pants off in places like London, Paris, and New York.

I thought I had ‘made it’. People would say to me, “You’re so lucky! You have everything!” At the time, I really thought I did. My happiness was measured by the next gig, the size of my bank account, model boyfriends, and designer handbags. But, the truth was: I felt completely lost, scared, and empty.

I was running on adrenalin at a million miles an hour, working way too much, burning myself out, and living in a constant state of stress. Not surprisingly, I was suffering anxiety and severe panic attacks. To make matters worse, I was practically living off champagne, appetizers, and four hours of sleep a night.

It probably seems inevitable that my body would crash and burn! The thing is: I ignored not just one but several bright, BIG, red warning signs. For example: There was the time I fell down the stairs, almost breaking my back and snapping my ankle. I’d been in and out of hospital half a dozen times that year. My doctor was on speed-dial. The constant cycle of antibiotics and other medications was literally what was keeping me going. It was NOT fun. But, still, I didn’t pay attention.

It wasn’t until I was lying in a hospital bed that I hit rock bottom. It was then that I experienced my light bulb moment. I realized that something BIG had to shift. I remember saying to myself, “I created this! I am the one who got me here. So, I am the ONLY person who can get me out.”

 There, in the hospital, surrounded by all the medications that had been keeping me going, I decided enough was enough. I took a vow to stop looking outside of myself for happiness and well-being and start creating it from within.

This journey has been a truly fulfilling experience. Yes, there were some tough moments! But, now, I feel more connected, grounded, content, and loving than I could ever imagined.

My definition of success, like happiness, is no longer defined by my external world. These days it all comes from within me. That has given me unimaginable freedom and joy in my life.

Melissa Ambrosini

♥  What do you think is the most important step a person can take right now, to start loving and nurturing themselves again?
Start by catching your mean girl (aka ego). Bring awareness to the nasty things she is telling you and begin to disregard her. Once you have brought awareness to what she’s telling you and shone light on it it’s no longer dark. You then have a choice. Do you want to continue to entertain those thoughts or do you want to slide on back down into the big beautiful heart of yours and choose love over fear instead? The choice is yours.

♥  What does the term “being healthy” mean to you?
Being healthy is a conscious lifestyle choice. It means that, moment-to-moment, you make conscious choices to honour your temple and do whatever it takes to give it the best environment in which to thrive. That doesn’t just mean what you put in your mouth. It’s about how you choose to move your body, the thoughts you entertain, what you do for work, and the people you surround yourself with.

♥  A lot of people struggle with living in the moment, how do you stay present?
I ever so gently catch myself when I am not present and softly remind myself to come back to the present moment by focusing all my attention on my breath or into my feet. This really helps ground me and gets me out of my head. Things like yoga and meditation are also great ways to help you get present.

♥  What is the one song that is guaranteed to get your up on the dance floor?
I currently love Katy Perry’s “Roar”. My bestie and I go nuts when this comes on.

♥  Sometimes people can get caught up in the seriousness of spirituality/personal development and forget about having fun – what do you do to ensure FUN is not forgotten?
When I first started on this path, I definitely got very serious and made it all about doing the work. I totally forgot to play. My friends would say, “Oh no! Mel has her serious head on again!” This would quickly snap me out of my seriousness and make me laugh.

To me, play is such a massive part of my life. I make sure I play every single day. I take dance breaks in my office in between clients and blast music. I sing at the top of my lungs whilst driving. I go hang out with my friends who have children. (They are the best for playing!) I surround myself with people who also love to play and are big kids at heart.

I want to live a jam-packed, colourful life, full of play and laugher. We all have a right to have this.

♥  If you could invite anyone over for a little dinner party at your place, which 5 people (dead or alive) would you invite and why?Oprah.
Steve Jobs.
Richard Branson.
Russell Brand.

♥  5 years from now… where are you and what are you doing?
I have no idea where I will be five years from now. But, I will be happy, grateful, and doing more of what I am doing now: helping people realise their true potential. I will be laughing a lot and doing what I love.

Favourite exercise? Anything. I love all types of movement.
♥  Favourite colour? Purple.
♥  Favourite vegetable? Broccoli.
♥  Favorite superfood? Raw cacao.
♥  Favourite smoothie combination? Kale, lettuce, coconut water, avo, berries,
♥  What are you grateful for right now? The beautiful bath I just had + breath + my friends + the roof over my head + deep conversations with loved ones + abundance of opportunities.


You can connect with the gorgeous Mel over at Path to Wellness, on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or via Instagram @melissa_ambrosini.  And you can, of course, get her amazing e-book, 12 Steps to Wellness here.  


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2 thoughts on “Nurturing Me, Nurturing You : Melissa Ambrosini

  1. Amelia, I love this series, and thanks for bringing Mel to it! (Btw, I can’t wait to go to her session this weekend, and I love she’s included Hobart!).

    I love Mel’s responses to what “being healthy” means and her reminder to include play in her life. Both are very timely for me and things I’m working on.

    Ta lovelies!

    Posted on November 19, 2013 at 4:29 pm
  2. Great interview! Mel did the same for me, I came across her Path to Wellness blog and eBook and haven’t looked back. I have changed my life and way of thinking and I am just happy! I catch myself just randomly smiling to myself and I love it.

    I can’t wait to hear Mel talk at Step It Up in Melbourne on Saturday. Inspirational and I will be starting a Wellness Coaching course in the new year so I can help people feel amazing about themselves and their lives! x

    Posted on November 20, 2013 at 9:10 am