“Nurturing Me, Nurturing You” is a series of interviews with the women who inspire me to inspire you.  

These are the women I draw inspiration from, the women who are out there shining their light on the world and the teachers who empower me (and you) with their words each and every day.  They are all trailblazers in their own way and I am so grateful to have them here at this space.



What can I say about this incredible woman?  She is a true trailblazer in EVERY sense of the word.  Nat Kringoudis is on one hell of a mission – to ensure woman of all ages are educated and empowered to make informed decisions about their bodies and hormone health.  Where was this angel during Personal Development class all those years ago?!

Nat is instrumental is supporting women to understand their bodies and overall health.  She truly is leading the way with such authenticity and honesty, which allows conversations about menstruation, fertility and hormones – which used to be considered off-limits – to be organic and free-flowing rather than feared or something to be ashamed of.

And if that’s not enough, this happy hormone revolutionist also has a hard-copy book on the way (yay!), is a beautiful Mum of two and leads a team of talented TCM practitioner’s at her clinic The Pagoda Tree in Melbourne.  Plus – she’s ridiculously funny and is an all round super boss (I manage Nat’s social media).  Nat Kringoudis – you inspire the pants off me.


♥  You are out there inspiring so many people each day, but who or what inspires you?
Ahh well – I’m inspired by others – be it my audience, my colleagues and friends and family!  My love language is affirmations, so every time I receive feedback and praise for the information I share – it makes my heart sing so very much.  I really am motivated by seeing the delight on other peoples faces as we take the fear out of ‘fertility’ and reconnect women with their bodies.  I want this stuff to be seen in a new light and so I plan to continue on my mission to help women understand themselves on a new level.

♥  What is your big dream?
It’s time to go global baby!  My dream is to not only be a household name in Australia but to inspire people world wide about hormonal health and wellness.  That’s said – I’m kinda living the dream!

♥  Is there one significant moment you can pinpoint, where you knew that you wanted to take control of your health and wellbeing?
It has and will continue to evolve each and every day – but I remember turning to my mum one day and saying to her exactly these words – “mum, you know someday I’m going to be known for making a difference in this world.  I want to be the girl that changes lives” and look – it’s happening!  That was over 10 years ago.

♥  What do you think is the most important step a person can take right now, to start loving and nurturing themselves again?
Setting 2 goals right there and then in that minute that they aim to achieve tomorrow and then adding to that each and every day.  Goal setting is by far the best way to achieve – and of course once you start, you just can’t stop!!

♥  What does the term “being healthy” mean to you?
All round wellness – it isn’t a stop and start effort.  Of course we are all human but for me diet and lifestyle is the foundation for wellness.  If you can tick boxes there, the rest follows suit.  After all you can’t have fertile soil without nourishing it – your body is no different.  Soil has to be nurtured, fed, turned, aired and loved, as does your body AND then when the time is right (and only then if you truly understand yourself HELLO Debunking Ovulation!!) and only then can you plant the seed and know it will flourish – because the ground work was done.  It’s pretty simple.

♥  A lot of people struggle with living in the moment, how do you stay present?
I used to live for the future – I get how tricky it can come back to the now.  But again, for me, setting the goals and achieving them whilst it helps to project the future it helps bring me back to the present moment because without that, there is no moving forward.  Plus once you love what you do – there really something that switches over and allows you to appreciate life on a new level.  In a strange way it keeps me present.


♥  What is the one song that is guaranteed to get your up on the dance floor?
Dancing on the Ceiling!  We all know how much I love Lionel.

♥  Sometimes people can get caught up in the seriousness of spirituality/personal development and forget about having fun – what do you do to ensure FUN is not forgotten?
I laugh a lot.  I laugh to myself a lot.  I do silly things and I sometimes have outrageous thoughts whilst meditating or washing the dishes – wherever.  I have to just go with the though, have a little giggle and move on.

♥  If you could invite anyone over for a little dinner party at your place, which 5 people (dead or alive) would you invite and why?
Nicole Richie – STYLE MUCH!?
Lionel Richie – we need a jam session
God – imagine picking his brain?
Ricky Martin – perve factor
Lao Tzu – I’ve some questions my text books just can’t answer!

♥  5 years from now… where are you and what are you doing?
Same same just bigger!

♥  Favourite exercise? Bikram Yoga
♥  Favourite colour? Blue
♥  Favourite vegetable? Brocolini
♥  Favourite superfood? Coconut Butter
♥  Favourite smoothie combination? Avo, spinach, banana, coconut water, maca…
♥  What are you grateful for right now? Holidays, sunshine and family.


Want to know more about this gorgeous woman?  For information on Nat’s two e-courses, Debunking Ovulation and Debunking PCOS, or for info on her books and upcoming events, head over to her website or you can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @natkringoudis.


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  1. What a fantastic, honest interview. Great questions, Amelia. Love the quote on ‘changing lives’ and now living your dream, Nat! Your message is so powerful and pertinent–keep shining your light. . . globally! woot woot,

    Posted on July 17, 2014 at 4:33 pm