I am bouncing off the walls with excitement to bring you guys this brand new series that I’ve been working on.

“Nurturing Me, Nurturing You” is a series of interviews with the women who inspire me to inspire you.  

These are the women I draw inspiration from, the women who are out there shining their light on the world and the teachers who empower me (and you) with their words each and every day.  They are all trailblazers in their own way and I am so grateful to have them here at this space.


I had to kick off the series with this beautiful woman.  Rachel MacDonald from In Spaces Between was the first coach I ever worked with.  This is the woman who helped give me my spark back, she reintroduced me to myself and showed me that I didn’t need to feel guilty for spending time on me.  And not only that, she was the second person who heard the name “Nurture and Shine” (the first was my husband) and has supported me and my blog from the get go.

Rach is a ray of sunshine.  Seriously.  The girl radiates beauty, love and warmth… plus she’s darn funny!   Every time this lady puts pen to paper (or finger to keyboard), I learn something new.  I am so lucky that she was my coach, but I am even more blessed to now call her my friend.

I know you will love her answers (and her) as much as I do.


Rachel MacDonald In Spaces Between

♥ You are out there inspiring so many people each day, but who or what inspires you?

So, SO much.
The written word. Music that rocks me gently (or not-so-gently). Heartfelt conversations with my husband, family and soul sisters. My clients. Stories of people grabbing life with both hands. Universal energy. Travel. The way everything can change in an instant. Ba-BOOM!

♥ What is your dream?

Honestly, I feel like I’m living “a dream” right now, which blows my freakin’ socks off, so for me, this one is more about how I want to feel or continue to feel. I want to feel abundant, generous and connected (always). I want to keep facing forward and supporting others as they transform their lives.
I want to show up and speak from my heart, love as deeply and fully as I can, and exchange energy with as many incredible souls as possible along the way.

Declaring all that feels amazing.

♥ Is there one significant moment you can pinpoint, where you knew that you wanted to take control of your health and wellbeing?  

There isn’t a particular moment that stands out for me actually – I think it was more of a gradual ‘becoming.’

I’ve always been really active and health conscious, but of course, there were also the years of round-the-clock partying and living on junk for half the week (then trying to be “good” for the rest by smashing out gym sessions and existing on licorice and plates of vegetables – WHAT?!)

My body grew tired of the tug-o-war about 4 or 5 years ago and I started to ease into a new, more vibrant way of living. Super early Sunday runs replaced hangovers and dark-roomed TV show marathons. A sensational cocktail or one great glass of wine took the place of the whole bottle. Raw desserts over Cadbury Dairy Milk. Bigger salads, eaten with glee.

Will all that said, I need to say that I don’t subscribe to any particular labels when it comes to the way I eat (nor am I perfect – hell no!) I just try to go with what feels best for me in the moment and what will support me as I go about my days.

♥ What do you think is the most important step a person can take right now, to start loving and nurturing themselves again?

What we focus on increases, so the most important step is to make the choice to start loving yourself – without conditions or expectations – today. There’s no better time.

Doing that means loving all of you, as the glorious, imperfectly perfect human being you are (we all are) – not “When X happens” or when you think you’ve “earnt it.” That part is absolutely key.

♥ What does the term “being healthy” mean to you? 

It means being conscious of, and taking responsibility for what I put in my mouth, the way I move my body and the energy I’m sending out into the world, every single day.

♥ A lot of people struggle with living in the moment, how do you stay present?

The thing I love about being a coach is that it’s essential you’re completely present and holding space for your client when you’re working together – I’m definitely not pondering what I’ll be doing in December next year, or what I’ll be having for dinner that night, or the fact I forgot to answer that Facebook message (again). So when I’m coaching, it’s easy.

Other times, it’s not always that easy, but meditation keeps me grounded and anchored in the now for the most part. If I’m spending too much time “out there” I’ll pause, shut my eyes, take a slow, deep breath and sit in silence for a couple of minutes – or longer – until I feel “back in my body.” My fave technique is imagining there’s a rope connecting me to the core of the earth.

Other than meditation, getting outside in nature and marveling at Mama Nature’s gifts is a terrific leveller. I do this daily and anyone who’s spent time with me in person will attest to the fact that I’m often tugging at their sleeve saying “OH GOD, would you look at that sunset/ tree/ mountainous peak.” Nature nerd, ahoy!

♥ What is the one song that is guaranteed to get your up on the dance floor?

Anything RnB’ish with a good beat – Rihanna, Beyonce, JT, MJ – is a sure-fire way to get me out there. Always accompanied by my girls and a big, beaming smile, of course.

♥ Sometimes people can get caught up in the seriousness of spirituality/personal development and forget about having fun – what do you do to ensure FUN is not forgotten? 

Love this q. My answer? I embrace silliness as often as I can.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore soulful, deep, philosophical chats and could riff for an eternity on spirituality and self-growth, but the flipside is that I’m a bit of a joker and thankfully married to an even bigger joker (read: total smart ass).

My friends are funny little creatures too – I like to think that if someone ever found my phone and had a read through my text messages, they’d find some goodness to chuckle over.

♥ If you could invite anyone over for a little dinner party at your place, which 5 people (dead or alive) would you invite and why?

The ones that spring to mind immediately are:

Cheryl Strayed – we’d talk writing and crazy adventures and the meaning of life and how flipping brilliant she is.

Oprah – because, well, it’s O.

Danielle LaPorte – again, writing. We’d also compare crystal collections and iTunes playlists and probably hug a lot (I hear she gives awesome hugs).

Rumi – so I could swoon all over him.

Stevie Nicks – so she could sing for us. And regale us with debaucherous tales of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.

♥ 5 years from now… where are you and what are you doing?

I’ve been sitting with this one, and you know what? Honestly, I have no idea. And I’m cool with that. Totally cool with it, actually.

It’s kinda magical to know deep in my bones that if I keep showing up in service to the greater good and trusting that the Universe will deliver me even more than I can imagine, in 5 years time I will be as fulfilled and wrapped in love as I am now, but with Who Knows What written into the story of my life.

All I have to do is show up for the moment-to-moment stuff. The big vision is already taken care of. And it’s going to be GRAND.


♥ Favourite exercise? Yoga, Pilates Barre and hiking are definitely right up the top of the list, but running just inches them all out. That runner’s high cannot be underestimated!

♥ Favourite colour? Blue.

♥ Favourite vegetable? All of ‘em. Okay, fine –broccolispinachpumpkinmushrooms. Ha!

♥ Favourite superfood? Sweet: blueberries; Savoury: quinoa.

♥ Favourite smoothie combination? Banana, water or fresh coconut water, ice, spinach, mixed berries and chocolate Sun Warrior protein. So good.

♥ What are you grateful for right now?  You, pretty lady, and the opportunity to kick off this gorgeous new interview series of yours!  Also: LIFE. It’s divine and beautiful and I’m ecstatic to be here.

You can connect with the beautiful Rach on In Spaces Between, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram @rachelmagahy


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9 thoughts on “Nurturing Me, Nurturing You : Rach MacDonald

  1. This is one awesome interview 🙂 look forward to seeing what else is in store xo

    Posted on August 20, 2013 at 9:05 am
  2. Wahoo! This is a very cool interview. Love hearing from people who are “living the dream” and making it all happen. Following your feelings is some of the best advice for living large that I know of. Thanks Rach and Amelia!!
    PS as a first-time visitor of your blog, Amelia, I am luuuurving it all xo

    Posted on August 20, 2013 at 12:05 pm
  3. What a babe to kick things off with!

    Posted on August 20, 2013 at 12:21 pm
  4. Sign me up for that dinner party, I couldn’t think of 5 better (well 6 including you Rach!) people I’d like to chew fat with. Awesome interview girls, looking forward to this series mucho! x

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  5. Love this! So inspirational. e & c

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  6. Oh such an inspiring and real interview!! Loved it and love the new series!

    (Ps I would have Stevie nicks at my dinner party too!!)

    Posted on August 20, 2013 at 6:49 pm
  7. Rachel is an absolute diamond- thank you so much for publishing this. I love her authenticity, open heartedness and sense of humour. That dinner party sounds wild (no Cheryl Strayed pun intended!)

    Thank you darlings! xxx

    Posted on August 21, 2013 at 6:45 pm
  8. Wow! What an amazingly inspiring woman. Thank you for opening my world (and eyes) to these amazing women Amelia!


    Posted on August 22, 2013 at 1:43 pm