“Honestly and transparency make your vulnerable.  Be honest and transparent anyway.” – Mother Teresa.

It can be a scary thing to share our voices.  Our true voice.  The one that’s aligned to our soul.

It’s easy to strive for perfection, but in turn we not only lose our voice – but we lose the essence of what we are trying to speak about in the first place.

The thing is,

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2017.  My word?  CONNECTION.

Connection most definitely weaved it’s way into my year.

But somehow, when I look back at the past year – I struggle to think about what actually happened.  Is it really the end of another year already?  The entire year feels like it went by in one big whoosh.  Time most definitely did not slow down.

The year that was 2017.

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Hey beautiful,

You light up the world.  You know that right?  You are brave and courageous and filled with love.

You don’t need to be afraid that it won’t work out.  It will.

You don’t need to fear that you aren’t enough.  You are more than enough, and always will be.

You don’t need to worry about how others will perceive you.

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Sitting down to the write for the first time in weeks (hey there!).  And it feels good.  So good.  Writing is such an anchor for me, and in the craziness of life, I can often forget that.

I’m not going to lie – finding the balance of self care if often a struggle.  ALL the ideas, ALL the grand intentions, but not enough time.  I seem to get pockets of time and want to fill them with everything,

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I can’t believe how long it has been since I’ve done something like this.  Something for me.  Something that combines both my love of writing, and my love of almond mylk chai lattes (#winning).
Something that both lifts me and fills me.

Sunshine pouring through the cafe window – there is nothing but love and gratitude here.  How sweet it is to have the ability to live life on our own terms. 

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And this is me.

The final day of 2016.  The year that I lost my way.  I started this year as one woman, and I complete the year as a very different one.  I found my way back home.

I’m not sure words are enough to fully express what this year has done to me.  Or if they ever will be.  But that’s ok.

The lessons? 

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Hey beautiful soul,

It’s been a while since I did a video post.  And post run, sweaty and raw, something told me that now was the time to jump on and press record.

Zero preparation, zero idea of what I was going to talk about.  Just the way I like it.

I think back to my first ever video post.  You can see it here, because it’s completely hilarious.  

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