Sitting down to the write for the first time in weeks (hey there!).  And it feels good.  So good.  Writing is such an anchor for me, and in the craziness of life, I can often forget that.

I’m not going to lie – finding the balance of self care if often a struggle.  ALL the ideas, ALL the grand intentions, but not enough time.  I seem to get pockets of time and want to fill them with everything, and end up getting nothing done.  I sit down with my journal, angel cards, meditation pillow, oils, colour pens.  All the things.  Distractions.  Too much!

Ah life.  

But over the past few months (as you may know from my Insty stories), the concept of living in alignment has been more important to me than ever.  Which means those chaotic times of self-care that should be all about ease and flow needed shifting.

So here I am.  In a new space.  ONE THING.  I have a pocket of time that is all my own.

I sit.  Breathe.  Tune in.  What do I feel like doing to fill me up?  Write.

One thing.

Simple, right?  Why didn’t I think of that one earlier?

Tuning in.  Letting our heart take the lead, instead of the head (or ego).

The ego says “I want to do it all.  Now.”
The heart says “I want to feel good.  I want to feel aligned.”

The ego says “We have to fit it all in, otherwise we won’t have achieved anything. We can push through.”
The heart says “Let’s honour ourselves and do just one thing with our full heart and presence.”

Flow.  Ease.  Grace.  We know they feel good.  But maybe you’re like me, and you need a gentle reminder every now.  Always learning, always evolving.

Now, I’m trying not to overcomplicate it all.  Just one thing.  It may be journalling, walking, a little meditation, dancing, napping, sweating, creating, connection, getting outside, watching trashy tv, having a bath.  I may be something entirely different for you.

But whatever it is, it fills me up and brings me straight back to a place of alignment and joy.

If I have the time, I will then do one more thing.  But only when I have truly experienced and been present with the first.

It’s so easy to force.  To push through.  To try and “do it all”.  To be the best at self-care.  But there’s nothing caring about over-extending ourselves.  There are no medals for burning ourselves out.

When we are able to take a step back, to really tune in to what our body, heart and soul needs – that is where the magic lies.  That is where true self-care lives.  That is when your cup is filled.

And that, my friends, feels like sweet alignment.



Ps.  I just realised, the last time I wrote a blog post – I was doing the exact same thing… at my local cafe, writing, taking time out for me, focusing on one thing.  Alignment much?!

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One thought on “Simple self-care

  1. Love this…PS sacred circles?! Um YES! cant wait to see that unfold xx

    Posted on May 4, 2017 at 6:56 pm