Slow and simple.

Two words that have been rattling around my head for a little while now.  I’m feeling a big pull to not only slow things down, but to simplify them too.

I’ve mentioned a fair bit already, that this past year for me was rather… BIG.

Over the weekend, I wrote the following post on Instagram

“Rest now sweet lady. Because very soon, you will move mountains.” The past month has been mighty. I’ve been spat out, cracked open and stripped bare. Old ways of being just weren’t cutting anymore. Old beliefs patterns had to be broken. Change was in the air.
It’s been exhausting, exhilarating and ultimately freeing. I have come home to myself in ways I couldn’t have even imagined.
It wasn’t until doing this deep inner work that I realised just how much of myself I lost over the past year.
But for now, I just need to stop. To let the new energy integrate. To be. To settle. To smile. To snuggle.
This morning I was all guns-a-blazin’. I ran around getting everything done, knowing that this afternoon I would truly embrace “dolce far niente” – the sweetness of doing nothing.
After ticking off my to-do list, my amazing husband took our little loves out for a while. I journaled my heart out. I pulled cards. Powerful messages that were ridiculously on point. There were goosebumps, and tears. And now it’s Hubby’s turn for some down time (aka footy and beers with some mates! ?)… And here I sit. With tea, with cuddles from my little loves, and an afternoon of movies ahead. A big, exhausted, content smile on my face.
Following my own cycle has been the greatest act of self care. And actually honouring what my body needs? It’s actually everything.
Sweet self-care Saturday… I’m loving your work!

See?  It’s been huge.

And consequently, I want to slow down the pace.  Yes, it’s been a winter of hibernation, and while I no longer feel the heaviness of the year that was, I still want to slow it all down.  Peel it back.  Just be.

From where I am right now, I don’t see the point in going a million miles an hour.  I don’t want to force anything that doesn’t feel right.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  Life can be full, without being exhaustingly busy.

This is about self-love, and honouring what is.  Be in the flow of the life, rather than resisting it.  No more glorification of “I am so busy” and no more getting caught in the chaos.  What is it they say? “Not my circus, not my monkeys“.  Let the chaos go.

This is about stepping out of my head, and back to my heart.  Being mindful and present.  Filling our days with the things that inspire, uplift + nourish.  Surrounding ourselves with adventure, love + a tribe of family and friends who “get it”.

Delighting in simple pleasures.  Which in truth, are those moments we really cherish the most.

At the end of this lifetime, I don’t think I’ll be thinking of the clothes I owned, the TV shows I watched, or the furniture that filled our home.  Instead, I will remember the sunrises + sunsets, the laughter, the way Austen put his arm around me as we watched our children laugh and play, the Sunday morning family cuddles in bed.  I’ll remember the together-ness, the adventure and the love.  Life is too important and too short for anything less.

And that is what I want to slow down for.  Those are the memories I want to make.  Simple, but profound.  That is where the magic lies for me right now.

Slow.  Simple.  Perfect.

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