“Honestly and transparency make your vulnerable.  Be honest and transparent anyway.” – Mother Teresa.

It can be a scary thing to share our voices.  Our true voice.  The one that’s aligned to our soul.

It’s easy to strive for perfection, but in turn we not only lose our voice – but we lose the essence of what we are trying to speak about in the first place.

The thing is, beautiful, what you have to say matters.  Your voice matters.  In my first “vlog” for a very long time, I want to share why I believe it is so important to speak from deep within, and let the words flow.

Hint : it’s where the magic lies… 

Here is my first vlog that I spoke about…. I do cringe, but like I said – it’s all part of where I am now.
The funny thing is, when I read the post attached to this first ever vlog, I am full of apologies.  Why it didn’t look, sound or feel right.

Enough please.

I didn’t need to apologise.  I didn’t need to justify anything.  I just needed to speak with an open heart and stop second guessing myself.

We need to stop apologising for speaking out.
We need to stop feeling the need to justify ourselves.
We need to stop striving for perfection (it doesn’t exist).
We need to stop the “should”.
Your path don’t need to be perfect and it’s more than ok to make mistakes (that’s part of the journey too!).
It doesn’t all need to wrapped in a perfectly pretty little bow (especially when inspiration comes on the school holidays and your family is creating noise in the background!).

Instead, allow your voice to shine through.
Allow your truth to be shared.
Allow the words to flow in a beautiful, authentic and aligned way.

Be true to you.
Because your words matter.
Your voice matters.
You matter.

What are you holding back from, beautiful?  Write the blog post.  Film the insta story.  Share.  Connect.  Speak.

Heart + truth will always trump stiff + inauthentic.

Just be you.

Author: Amelia

Inspired by words, kindness, Mother Nature, humanness, family and love.
Writing. Sharing. Creating. Living.

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