I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to get to the end of my life, and wonder how it seemed to pass me by…

Presence is one of the things that we often over-think.  But beautiful, it doesn’t have to be difficult.

We just need to let go of the worry.  The past is over – take the happy memories and the lessons with you, and leave the rest.  As for the future – how do we know what will happen?  Why twist yourself up in knots over something that has not, and may not, ever eventuate?

Forget about the senses.  Forget about quietening the mind.  Don’t over think it.  JUST BE.

Being present and sitting in stillness, to me, are two very different things.  Stillness is a time I use to connect to my soul, to relax or to immerse myself in my surroundings (that’s when that old sensory overload comes into play).  Being present isn’t about living your life in a mediative state.  It’s about BEING in whatever is happening in front of you.  Enjoying what you’re doing, or if something not-so-great is happening… sitting with those feelings (they always pass quicker if you don’t try to run from them).


These are the little things I try to do to intentionally bring me back to the moment.

♥  Play with my children…  No body is more in the moment than a small child.  They are focused wholeheartedly on the game.  On the fun.  On the JOY.
♥  Come back to my body… Ask what I need right now.  Do I need a 5 minute break?  A glass of water?  A nap?  Too often we can rush about our day and suddenly collapse in exhaustion at the end of it.  But those regular “soul-checks” can not only bring you back to the moment, but they recharge your energy too.
♥  One task at a time…  Let’s be honest, how many times are you doing one job, whilst thinking about the next thing on your to-do list?  *hands in the air* Focus.  I find that the more my focus is on the current task, the faster it takes and the better job I do.  That’s win-win, is it not?
♥  MUSIC… Vacuuming/doing the dishes/hanging up washing (my least favourite task!), all those things we’d rather not be doing, but need to do them to retain some level of cleanliness.  You can do two things – use that time to let your thoughts run free, a mini-meditation if you will.  OR (and I much prefer this one!), turn up the volume on  your favourite tunes.  When you move your body to the beat, and sing your heart out, you can’t help but be in the moment.  Music is one of the most beautiful ways to connect to the present.
♥  Get outside… The cool or warm breeze, the sound of birds, the softness of the clouds, filling your lungs up with oxygen.  Getting outside not only keeps me present, but it grounds me and has me feeling ridiculously grateful for the beautiful world we live in.  And on those days where motherhood seems to be kicking my butt – a breath of fresh air fills that love tank right up!
♥  Disconnect… A big one.  And one I want to talk about in more detail over the coming weeks.  We NEED to switch off more.  Disconnect, to reconnect.

Living in the moment should be a beautiful thing.  Don’t let it worry you.  Don’t worry about doing it wrong.  Don’t worry full stop.  Just be.

Do you get caught up in trying so hard to live in the moment, that you find yourself completely in your head?  What are your tips for staying present? 

I’d love to hear from you, gorgeous.

Love & Light,
Amelia xxx

ps.  This was the vlog, mentioned above, that I filmed on my struggles with Mindful Eating… Thankfully I’ve turned a corner!

** A little disclaimer to over-thinking… In the past, I have found myself over-thinking my over-thinking (how is that possible I hear you cry?!).  It goes like this “I am going to stay present.  Am I present?  Or am I over-thinking?  What is over-thinking? Am I doing it now?”… You get the drift.  Above all – don’t judge yourself.  If you’re mind slips to something else, that’s ok.  Just gently bring it back to what you’re doing now.  This isn’t a race.  This isn’t about anyone else.  It is, like everything else, what works for you.

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