Can I start with one big, long **SIGH**… As yet another year draws to a close.

2014?  You’ve been rather spectacular.  A year of unexpected surprises, comfort zone leaps + a whole lot of fun.  There’s been tears, a little heartache, laughter, magic, joy, connection, abundance and so much love.


Oh where do I begin?

My word for this year, was TRUST.  And boy – did that word deliver (and then some!).  Lessons came at me left right and centre.  In some very unexpected ways too.

There was the trust in myself.  That the person I am, is always enough. And that I can lead with my heart and my truth and know, with conviction, that I will always be ok.

There was the trust in “the process” and the Universe.  That I am always supported, and that if I leap, I will always be caught.  Such a powerful and precious lesson.

And finally, there was the trust in those around me.  This was where the unexpected lessons came in.  This year, I learnt a lot about loyalty.  And about the kind of people I want to surround myself with.  I learnt that true friends will always be there for you, without judgement.  And that it’s ok to distance yourself (with love) from people who don’t really fit in with who you are and where you want to be.

I feel like I’m walking away from this year wholeheartedly trusting in the person that I am.  I feel strong in my values (I really learnt this year what it feels like to betray my values, and let’s just say – never again).  I feel open, vulnerable, and more me than I ever have felt before.

My core desired feelings for this year were : VULNERABLE, SPIRITUAL, INTENTIONAL, LIMITLESS, PLAYFUL.

wrap up4

These words truly played as guiding posts throughout the year.

+  Through a trust in myself, and an opening of my heart, I feel more VULNERABLE (and comfortable in that vulnerability).  Vulnerability isn’t something to be feared – but embraced.  When we are vulnerable, we cultivate love.

+  I connected to my soul on a level I hadn’t experienced before.  I am currently working with Belinda Davidson and her School of the Modern Mystic, which is opening me up in ways I didn’t know possible.  I also completed my Reiki 3A training with my beautiful master, Sara Brooke (and I can feel the Mastership calling my name!).  Reiki has been pivotal in my journey.  It has allowed me to connect to myself and the core of my being – the Reiki journey continues to amaze and inspire me.
My spiritual practice continues to change, and grow – as I do.  I am figuring out what works for me.  And having a lot of fun in the process.  I know that Meditation, Chakra work, Reiki, crystals, cards and yoga are at the core of this practice.  And I now sit here feeling more SPIRITUAL than ever before.

+  My life now truly feels INTENTIONAL.  I move my body with loving intention.  Not because I feel I need to, but because I want to.  Feeling strong and vital lifts me up.
I fill my body with food to nourish me on every level.  The days of mindlessly walking to the pantry and eating “just because” are well behind me.  And the days of eating followed by guilt, are gratefully also a thing of the past. (Thank you!)

+  This year I truly discovered what it was to feel LIMITLESS.  I launched my coaching business, which I has grown and flourished.  I wrote my first ebook, Nurturing You – something that taught me so much about my own creative process.  I stepped out of my comfort zone at times when I thought I would never be “good enough” – and each step lead to so much joy, and an inner knowing that this is what I am here for.  Feeling limitless truly allowed me to not only lean into my dreams, but start to live them.

+  As a Mum to two beautiful souls, it was important for me to feel PLAYFUL this year.  Relishing in being present with my babes, creating, laughing, dancing, being silly.  But it hasn’t just been with my children that I got to play….
I played artist at one of Susan Farrell’s AMAZING intuitive art workshops.
I played dancer/goddess at Susana Frioni’s life changing Sacred Dance Parties – an experience that allowed me to be connected to my body, the music and the moment.  What a HIGH!  I still get goosebumps thinking about that night.
I played fun run participant as I took part in the Swisse Colour Run – 5km of colour, joy and FUN.  Plus, I was able to tick “participate in fun run” off my bucket list.
And finally, I played very proud big sister as I watched my little brother marry the love of his life – and spent a night of fun and laughter with my beautiful family.

Play has allowed me to drop out of my head and in to my heart every single time.  When I am in the space of play, I am all here.  And that, for me, is a really beautiful thing.

These words really have allowed my year to be MORE.  And this year, they have taught me the true power of intention.


wrap up


What else lit me up? 

+ I watched our baby girl grow and explore as she navigated her way through the end of pre-school and dip her toes in to the idea of “big school” next year.  She leads with her heart and with curiosity and she inspires me in ways she will probably never understand.  She really is such a joy.

+ I have witnessed our little man become his own person.  He is able to express himself and to find a new level of independence in the process.  Compassion and kindness are his anchors – and I am excited at what the next year will bring him as he grows, learns and builds on that connection to himself and the outside world.  He is pure sunshine.

+ My husband.  The man who I don’t think quite realises what an incredible human he is.  Fiercely loyal, generous beyond measure and so in love with his family that it makes my heart sing.  I’ve watched him grow alongside me, I’ve watched immerse himself in his passion and I’ve had him gratefully be my biggest cheerleader and support.  His love, and the family we have built will always be my greatest treasure.

+ I turned 30! I milestone I embraced wholeheartedly.  I was more than ready to lovingly say farewell to the angst and drama of my 20s.  And from where I sit now, almost 31 – life as a 30+ year old looks pretty darn fabulous!

+ I found myself getting in touch with Mama Earth.  And for a girl who used to loathe dirt and run a mile from the great outdoors – this has been huge.  I have so much respect, love and gratitude for nature.  And I feel happiest when my toes are in the sand or my feet are on the earth.  My body and soul both long to be by the water – I feel connected, secure and content there.

+ I have build new connections with beautiful souls (and some online soul sisters), and strengthened connections with existing friends.  The power of friendship was revealed to me in a big way this year.  I now know, first hand, what it feels like to be let down by a friend, but also what it takes to be a true soul sister.  I really am grateful for all of the women that taught me lessons in friendship this year.  The good and the bad.

+ I was grateful to be selected in the Top 30 Food and Wellbeing bloggers at in the Kidspot Voices of 2014, as well as nominated for the BUPA Health Influencer blog awards.  To know my words have the power to uplift and inspire, is something incredibly humbling.

+ Soulful collaboration came into my life as I joined forces with my beautiful friend Jasmin, and became an ambassador for her incredible brand – Lemon Canary.  Something I am very proud of.

+ I LET GO… Last year, felt incredibly transformative.  And the first half of this year felt like I needed to let it all sink in.  The second half of this year (particularly the last couple of months) have really allowed me to LET GO of everything that no longer serves a purpose in my life.  I made my peace with anger and resentment.  I created space.  I let go of it all.  And the fact is, I have learnt that it is perfectly ok to let go, with love, to things that aren’t aligned with your core.  Saying no to something or someone, actually means you’re saying yes to you – so how can that be anything other than ok.

+ Last but not least… my coaching business.  But particularly… The women I work with.  Those beautiful souls who show up, allow themselves to be seen, and lead with both their hearts and vulnerability.  I may be there to support them, but I have learned so much from them too.  They inspire me.  Their abundant growth fills me with pride and joy.  And their presence in my life, really has been life altering.


2015 WRAP UP copy



2013 allowed me to accept myself, but 2014 has allowed me to love and embrace myself.

I never want to stop learning about the person I am.  I never want to stop being curious.  I never want to stop leading with my heart.  And I will no longer apologise for being the person that I am (such a liberating lesson!).

Sure, I feel old and wiser (don’t we always at the end of each year?).  But I really feel like this year has allowed me reclaim my power and things I already knew, have really sunk in.  I get it.

I am grateful for all of it.  For the lessons, for the exploration, for the growth.  And I am, and will continue to be, grateful for my unwavering curiosity and my passion for being of service.  I have been brave, I have been bold, I have played small, I have taken leaps, I have cried, I have laughed.  I have loved.   I have been me.

2014… THANK YOU.


As for 2015… well.  EPIC is the word that comes to mind.  I know things now.  But not only do I know them, I’m ready to ACT on them.  And that’s where I know the game will change.


This is the word that will guide my year.  I am ready to devote to myself, my truth, my spiritual practice, my business, my health, my creativity and my values.

I’m calling in more inspired action, more soul presence, more love, more play, more peace, more balance, more teaching, more learning, more face to face connection, more collaboration.

And this space?  It will grow.  It will change.  I’m not sure in what capacity yet, but I know there will be MORE.  I want to teach.  I want to write.  I want to create.  I want to speak (live events are calling me).  And I want to share with anyone who is willing and lovingly open to listen.

And devotion will lead the way.

Let’s do this!


wrap up2


And with that… I send a whole lot of love and festive cheer your way.  Thank you for being here.  For sharing with me.  For reading.  For being part of this growing, and precious community.  I am grateful for YOU.

2015 is going to be a big one.  I am ready.  I am open.  I am excited.

I’ll be back some time in January – ready to create a new ripple.  I can’t wait.

Keep being you, beautiful.  And have a magical Christmas.

With love, and gratitude
Amelia xxx

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3 thoughts on “THE YEAR THAT WAS 2014

  1. Thank you and a big warm Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family Amelia. I have only connected with Nurture and Shine over the last 4-5 months but you certainly have inspired me bigtime! Keep leading the way beautiful soul xx

    Posted on December 23, 2014 at 7:12 pm
  2. What a beautiful post. I sniled the whole way through. To see someone truly appreciating this gift of life and honouring it so well is amazing. Happy new year

    Posted on January 2, 2015 at 12:37 pm