I’m going to let this video do the talking today…

There’s plenty more I could, and will eventually say.  More of the “why” behind it all.  That will come.

I make mistakes.  I make impulsive decisions.  I follow my heart, and then follow my head, and then go back to my heart.  I get scared, and retreat.  I grow.  I learn.  I thrive.  I stumble.  I follow my curiosities.

I am not perfect.

But all I can be is true to myself in the moment I am in.  All I can do is be who I am in the ebb and flow.  All I can be is my perfectly imperfect self.

That’s all any of us can ever do.

Follow our hearts, and then go along for the ride!

So this is where I am.

Grateful + always growing.  I am at peace with the past and I am feeling the freedom of what the future will bring.

I am here, and I am following what truly lights me up.

With so much love. xx

Author: Amelia

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