I love ritual.  In fact, for me – ritual is just as much of a spiritual practice as gratitude and meditation.  Ritual allows me connect to myself, and the moment.  To be.

I wrote about the art of ritual in Nurturing You, and I received so many emails telling me that the ritual chapter was a favourite.

When my love and I started our family, I was really excited to bring a new sense of ritual to our lives.  Old traditions from both his family and mine have gratefully made their way into our lives, as well as some new rituals we started – just the four of us.

Each year, as part of our Christmas presents, Hubby and I buy a new board game for the family and generally play it that night.  Something he and his brother used to do for each other.

Each night around the dinner table, we all go around the table and share what we the best part of our day was.  A chance to practice gratitude.  Something that was started with my family when I was a little girl.

I think these kind of traditions honour our history, honour our families and I hope one day, my children bring into their own families.


One of our all time family favourites is a weekend trip to our favourite local cafe.

We jump in the car and play our favourite tunes (another of my favourite things about the Ford EcoSport is the fact that I can plug my iPhone straight in to the USB point using the usual cord… no fluffing around trying to find the proper connection chord. Win!).

We sing, we laugh, we chat.  And then we arrive at the cafe and our order is always the same… Almond milk chai latte for me, cappuccino for Hubby and baby cinos for the kids (or if it’s a hot day, they get a smoothie or an ice cream).  The gang at the cafe know our names.  They know our order. “Would you like the usual?”… I love that.  I love that I am connected enough to a place that I actually have a “usual”.  It really makes me smile.

After that, if the weather is kind – we head to the park, or even better – the beach.  We skim rocks, paddle in the water (kids are crazy for the water even when it’s seemingly icy cold!), make sandcastles and just be.  

This ritual is for us.  It’s our time.  Our chance to switch off and truly enjoy each other.  I love every single second of it.  And I come home feeling full, happy and content.  Sweet perfection.

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I’d love to know, do you have a family tradition or ritual that makes your heart sing?

With so much love,
Amelia xx


This post was sponsored by Ford Australia, and was the final in my series for Paint the Town Ford.  Thank you so much for coming along for the ride as I shared our adventures! You can read the other two posts here and here.

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One thought on “TRADITION + RITUAL

  1. Our favourite ritual is Friday night movie & pizza night! We make homemade pizzas as a family, get the double mattress out in front of the tv and all snuggle up at watch a movie together. Perfection x

    Posted on November 12, 2014 at 8:28 pm