Without a doubt, I’m a curious person.  I love to seek, discover, and of course google. In this crazy, fast-paced world we have so much information at our fingertips (I’m getting somewhere, I promise) that for a curious soul like me it can actually become a little overwhelming. The desire to learn all of the thingscan get a little out of control.

My seeking nature also means that whirling around in my head is probably too much information at times.  So much so that I often don’t take time to really sit with what I’ve learned, what is useful, what is for me, and what information I need to let go of.

The world of health and wellness is something I am super passionate about.  I love to discover ways that I can not only powerfully feed and fuel my body, but ways in which I can just be the best human I can be.

As you can probably already tell, personal development (and I’m talking spiritual, physical, emotional and mental growth here) is my jam.
Froth factor 11.
Love, love, love it.

Let’s take food for example.  There are so many ways in which we can eat.  We can define our eating habits through a certain diet or way of eating, or we can label ourselves through another.  But so many of these labels or definitions are incredibly conflicting.

Now I knowwe are all unique (I studied bio-individuality in my health coaching course after all).  I know it.  But, when your mind is overwhelmed with all of the things, and all of the information… it’s very, very easy to forget.

I’m 100% guilty of getting caught up in a new health phase.  I can easily find myself getting swept up in someone else’s passion that I forget to check in with ME.
Does this sit well for me?
Does my body thrive on this way of eating?
Just because they say it’s good for us, is it really good for me?

The past few weeks have seen my body get as confused as my mind.  And in an effort to really get to the bottom of my ongoing digestive “stuff”, I’ve actually neglected myself.

It’s time to drop the bells and whistles, the fancy superfoods and the “next new thing”. Strip it ALL back.  It’s time to come back to what truly feels good for me.

What nourishes ME.  My body.  My temple.

That’s all I can do.  That’s all any of us can do.

More often than not, the kindest thing we can do for our body is to just listen.

If we take our finger off the search button and take the time to check in with ourselves, we actually have all the answers we need.

Less searching externally, and more seeking internally.

Our body knows.

Author: Amelia

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2 thoughts on “Trusting my body again

  1. Aah yes, so many folks willing to offer allll of the answers to everything. It always comes back to how YOU feel though right? Physically, mentally, emotionally, and just plain old gut instinct. At times of complete confusion I’ve made myself an Oprah-style list of “things I know for sure” about my health and wellness (things I am absolutely not confused about!). It includes things like getting plenty of sunshine, 8hrs of sleep, drinking more water, less sugar, more veggies, among other things. I still like to tinker at the edges though 😉

    Posted on May 25, 2018 at 5:22 pm