So last week, I wrote this post… So confident in “what I know for sure”.

I was all like…

Exercise is THE secret sauce.  This one is pretty similar to the above.  Exercise is how I recalibrate.  It’s the thing that wakes me up and knocks me out of my funk.  As much as I have resisted it in the past (and boy, did I resist!), I now see it as the tool to light me up.

And then what happens less than 24 hours later?  I’m all confident in my activewear, getting my sweat on, and POP… Calf muscle tear.  Quite a significant one apparently.  **Insert teeth grinding emoji here**.

Like any good sports related injury, I’m out for 6 weeks.  My immediate thought?  “Shit, I’m going to put on weight and be the size of an elephant”.  Yep, that good old egoic mean voice doesn’t even subside.  I chose to ignore her though (she’s such a bitch sometimes).


What is it they say?  “We make plans and God laughs”?  The universe must have been in hysterics that day.

I had to laugh too.  Because.  Seriously?

It was crutches for a couple of days, and now physio to heal and strengthen.  But it’s also been NO exercise at all for 2 weeks.  Not even a gentle walk around the block.  The “tool to light me up” was suddenly taken away from me.

It is what it is.  But it’s now getting to a point where I’m really noticing the fact that I haven’t exercised.  Not in my body, but in my mind!  It feels like there’s trapped energy that I just can’t release.  Frustration boils up.

I’ll be fine.  And I’m going to try to use this time (and that energy) in other ways – get my creative juices flowing.  Draw, write, cook, create.

Frustrating – yes.  But in the end, I just have to laugh.  Because, seriously?  Universe, you have quite the sense of humour…

Author: Amelia

Inspired by words, kindness, Mother Nature, humanness, family and love.
Writing. Sharing. Creating. Living.
I believe it’s our birthright to live a life without limitations or labels, and that we can achieve the confidence and spaciousness we crave, when we are guided back home to the person we have always been.

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